YVR/YUL/YYZ REMIXED is an artist-driven, dance dialogue and dramaturgy initiative that invites prolific dance artists from across the country to come together in Vancouver to meet and share their practices, concerns and aesthetics in the context of a process driven, creative exchange. For two weeks in June, Vancouver-based choreographers Vanessa Goodman and Diego Romero will be paired with Toronto's Ame Henderson and Montreal’s Rob Abubo. 

The coupled artists will come together at Left of Main to discuss and unpack the aesthetics, practices, objectives, obstacles and concerns that drove and underpinned one existing work respectively and invite the other artist to re-work and re-imagine their proposition. 

In partnership with The Training Society of Vancouver/Working Class, a daily morning practice will be hosted at Left of Main by the artists where they will offer systems and strategies that prepare the body and the imagination for remixing by practicing remixing in a practice setting. They’ll be lots of doing and talking and doing. 

Sharings and conversations around the works will be had on Friday, June 29 & Saturday, June 30. Times and details TBD