remember when

remember when peels away the layers of the performers experience of performing.  Though repetition and accumulation, the audience witnesses the dancers building and transforming meaning by re-focusing the stage perspective with two moving cameras and two stationary projectors. remember when invites and implicates the audience on a journey of collective and individual memory making.

a brilliant meditation on ephemerality, memory and the body. Remember When insightfully unpacks the layers of mediation – technological and otherwise – in dance, by repeatedly performing bits of past repertoire.
— Sarah Todd - The Dance Current

Commissioned for EDAM dance choreographic series

Choreography — James Gnam

Performance — Natalie LeFebvre Gnam/Lina Fitzner, Bevin Poole and James Gnam

Lighting — James Proudfoot

Media — Josh Hite 

Music — Kevin Legere