THE 3 OBSTRUCTIONS is a platform designed for supportive discussion among peers about each other’s work and practices, with the aim of testing the theory that creativity feeds on limitations. Modelled loosely on Lars van Trier’s film, The 5 Obstructions, and the Obstructions series produced by the indie theatre community a few years back, the project’s goal is to move critical discourse into tangible action, while emphasizing risk-taking and experimentation with new forms of making dance. The driving impulse behind this initiative has been to engage in critical, objective (and subjective) discourse about each others’ work. 

In the Spring of 2017, plastic orchid factory along with MACHiNENOiSY, Dumb Instrument Dance and The Contingency Plan began the first iteration of THE 3 OBSTRUCTIONS and have found that the perspectives shared not only confirm each unique artistic vision and practice, but also generate questions that create tensions (obstacles) specifically designed to help each other to push beyond boundaries. The project has offered a provocative environment, one in which we challenge ourselves and each other, without inhibition, towards the evolution of craft and artistic practice. It has been invigorating, challenging, exciting and at times scary. But, it has been a process that has enlivened our artistic practices, while at the same time nourishing our sense of solidarity within our creative community.

While the thrust of this project is to encourage and empower the artists involved, it will also function as a means to have a larger discussion around practice, process, aesthetics and form with the creative community and the community at large in Vancouver.