i care what you think

plastic orchid factory in collaboartion with The Contingency Plan 

As we oscillate between observation and action. We make choices.  We wish for things. In considering our perfect dance, we recognize that it is not the pursuit of an unattainable ideal that drives us, it is connection – personal and universal, and beautifully flawed. The dance, like the choices we make everyday, exists in the spaces between, around and within us all. We act alone and we act together. I care what you think is a performance that asks us to be present, to be connected and to be together.

For the past six years, Vanessa, James and Jane have been talking about and working on collaboration together from inside each other’s creative practices. The process and creation of I care what you think is the culmination of these conversations. The proposition for the project involved removing any and all creative hierarchy and designation of responsibilities. We have created this wholly together. We did not come in the room with a plan, only a question: How can we be together? I care what you think is our response. 


choreography and performance / Vanessa Goodman, James Gnam and Jane Osborne

music / Orphix, Loscil, Keven Legere, Tim Hecker, Adriana Caselotti, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Kerridge

Text / Vanessa Goodman, Jane Osborne, james Gnam, Richard Nixon, John F Kennedy

lighting James / Proudfoot

media / Vanessa Goodman

premiered / Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

the detail required to make something this visually stunning successful on all levels is nothing short of masterful.
— Andrea Warner - Georgia Straight