Digital Folk

sally field project
Digital Folk is an immersive installation by the interdisciplinary artists of plastic orchid factory that explores the strange and beautiful lines between the virtual and the real.
— Erika Thorkelson - Vancouver Sun

Digital Folk is a video game + costume party + music and dance performance + installation built around the desire to revisit how communities gather to play music, dance and tell stories. It is an interdisciplinary collaboration between dance artist, James Gnam, visual artist, Natalie Purschwitz, lighting designer, James Proudfoot and 10 dance artists that explores a generation’s approach to identity, physicality, social dance and performance. Digital Folk lives as a scale model built out of an in-between world that is not quite a home and not quite a theatre. Where the desire for music, dance and community is focused through the lens of video game culture to create an irreverent and interactive world of virtual and physical community, feedback and paradox.

Concept / creative direction — James Gnam

Scenography / costume design — Natalie Purschwitz

Lighting design — James Proudfoot

Sound design — Kevin Legere

Choreography / performance — Shion Carter, Rachel Helten, Natalie LeFebvre Gnam, James Gnam, Kayla DeVos, Vanessa Goodman, Rachel Maddock, Lexi Vajda & Lorenz Santos

Producer / media relations — Natalie LeFebvre Gnam

Associate producer — Kayla Devos

Lighting adaptation / stage management — Jonathan Kim

Set build — Stuart Sproule

Set design assistant — Candy Wang

Graphic design — Ahmed Khalil & Deanna Peters/Mutable Subject

Past collaborators - Clare Twiddy, Siobhan Sloane-Seale, Rob Abubo, Walter Kubanek, Jane Osborne, Dario Dinuzzi, Bevin Poole Leinweber, Diego Romero, , Hannah Jackson, Rachel Silver & Kim Plough