the games . july

Written by Rachel Silver


We interns have our first experience with the dance video games. “Just Dance” fills the large studio with popular songs and we take turns imitating its dancing avatars on the television screen. It is difficult, and there is a lot of laughter, with a slight edge of competition.

The game tracks your body and gives you a score at the end of each song. Within these parameters, sameness is the only goal, and there is no room for imagination or desire. As dance artists, this is stifling.

In these two-dimensional games, there is only reaction, anxiety and impulse. There is no comparison to our movement work in the studio this week, where we have discovered the possibilities of mirroring and reaction in real space and in real time with another dancer. With another body, there are infinite options. We can honour the other dancer’s intention, and create our own. We can transform it, filter it through our own desires, and add to it. With the games, there are no decisions, just reactions.

james gnam