tasking . july

Written by Rachel Silver


Dance, discuss, dance, discuss. The answer is hanging somewhere in the balance, waiting to be snatched.

Task by task, a movement language is being built in our bodies. With it we will be able to express, respond, and take ourselves somewhere we haven’t been before. Mirroring duets occur all over the studio, all at once or two at a time, with the others watching. We are grasping at something - somewhere between sameness and difference, there is a common language. We decide to “co-author” the movement rather than simply lead or follow. When there is no leader, we are always deciding, adjusting and responding.

Natalie points out that there is a difference between energy and sensation. Energy is like a gage or a meter - it can be turned up or down - but sensation has more possibilities. Two dancers can embody the same sensation with different levels of energy. Light bulbs go off everywhere.

We agree that “the goal for repurposing is more important than the goal for sameness.” We must take the opportunity to take something in a new direction. It is important to honour the other’s movement, but also honour our own desires and impulses.

james gnam