_post is a interdisciplinary work that frames the beauty and cultural disconnect between classical ballet and western Canada.  Four classical dancers, a deconstructed piano score and the unexpected use of ballet’s iconic tulle and pointe shoes create a thought-provoking and visually stunning examination of beauty, nobility, partnership and power.

_post, and Gnam, are pushing the form and stepping into visual new realms—mismatched footwear and all.
— Janet Smith - Georgia Straight

choreography - James Gnam 

performance - Bevin Poole, Ali Denham/Lara Barclay, Natalie LeFebvre Gnam and James Gnam

dramaturgy - Daelik

costuming - Kate Burrows

music - Kenneth Kirschner, Taylor Deupree and Kevin Legere 

lighting - James Proudfoot

rehearsal direction - Vanessa Goodman